Thursday, January 28, 2016

Write or Wrong! Welcome to the World of Writing

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While writing is as old as civilization, never before in human history we had as many writers as today. Almost everyone using internet is a writer today. There are over 110 million blogs and growing every second and any writers conference anywhere in the world is attended by thousands of writers.

It is not surprising that millions of writers have emerged overnight because the overwhelming technological pace has offered opportunities to millions of content writers with the kind of freedom no one might have thought a decade or two ago.
There are several reasons we write.

George Orwell claims egoism is the root cause of our desire to write. The desire to be acknowledged, to be remembered, to snub other, to take revenge and the reason goes endlessly on...That may be true and perhaps one among several more reasons, but there could be deeper motives within. This has perhaps to do with immortality. If you can't live forever, why not create something for which you are remembered. This is perhaps also a natural motive but not limited to just to writing. This reason possibly motivates nearly every creative professional, politicians, social workers and just about everyone else. 
Many among us write to change the world. Today, the very same technology that has made life easier has also imperiled the world...nuclear threat, environmental threats, terrorism, industrial accidents, threatening food production technologies, and so on. Writing is a form of intervention and voice driven by the change motive. In addition, we write not just to voice our concerns or to change the world but also to make the world a better place. Technology has made it lot easier to broadcast our voice at the click of a mouse that assures us that our voice is being heard. 
As said earlier, there is a deeper need of writing among most of us. As human beings there is a limit to pleasure of happiness. There is something beyond that we strive to seek. Mankind is driven ultimately by not pleasure or happiness but meaning as claimed by Victor Frankl, the psychiatrist. Life is made unbearable not by adverse circumstances as much as by lack of meaning and purpose. Writers take solace in the enterprise called writing that enables them to find meaning for themselves and to help others. The job of  a writer is to tell universal stories that reveal something about them that they share in common with the mankind, while the readers get the opportunity to live the unique 'aha' moment. 
Writers do and can bring meaning to the world. 

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